a weekend of friends

Sadly, the excitement around here has calmed down a bit as my summer break has officially ended. I went back to work full time this past Monday... I am thankful to have a job with the summers off, but it is hard to go back! Luckily, I had this weekend to look forward to as we had two sets of friends passing through town. 

Angie, Selassie, and their sweet pup Marley came to stay with us on Friday night! We had dinner at our place and stayed up late talking, laughing, and watching the Olympics. Toby was so excited to have Marley over! They are perfect together. 
 Up early on Saturday morning for wrestle time in the back yard.
On Saturday morning we left the dogs at home and went to the Westside/Home Park area of Atlanta for brunch at the West Egg. I had been there once before, but not on a weekend. It was busy! We killed our 45 minute wait by walking around to the shops close by. Angie and I picked this restaurant because Anthropologie was across the street. We told the guys it was just a coincidence, but they knew better. I should have taken a picture of our food. The pimento cheese grits and fried green tomatoes were SO GOOD.

It's always fun having my SLP friends around.. the husbands are such good sports when we throw out speech pathology jargon. Wish we lived closer and could work together!!

Angie and Selassie drove to Smyrna to visit some other friends on Saturday afternoon, and we got to keep Marley for the night! They stayed close by in the kitchen as I was slicing sausage for dinner that night.
This is my favorite picture ever. Look how sweet they are! And I totally didn't arrange them on Toby's bed for this shot.
Carrie and Andrew were in town for their niece's birthday party and their nephew's church dedication, so they stopped by for dinner on Saturday night! We had a great time together... I am thankful we live relatively close so we can get together often. 
 Group shot attempt number one. Toby didn't cooperate.
 And again...

We are thankful for the Amanas and Days! It was a great weekend. And now we really want another dog. 


  1. I'm sure there is a sweet doggy out there who would love to be Toby's brother or sister!

  2. Walter would love it! I would miss him so much though, but maybe . . .

  3. These are really amazing shots. I hope you continue writing as well.

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