Christmas is COMING!!

Today I got rid of all things pumpkin and pulled out the holiday cheer! We went to buy our tree at a little Christmas tree stand down the road.. Toby came along too. We take that dog everywhere. I love continuing old holiday traditions from when I was a kid, but I also love starting new ones with Brian now that we're married.

Last year was our first married Christmas. Both Brian and I have boxes full of ornaments from our childhood- we both get an ornament each year from our parents. I wondered why his box was so much bigger than mine. When we opened our boxes, all of my ornaments were loosely wrapped in tissue, but Brian's were perfectly placed in their original boxes they came in. We both had a "baby's first Christmas" ornament, almost identical to each other, only his was fully intact and mine was missing pieces and had to hang upside down. :)

So this year we continued our tradition from last year. We made Christmas cookies, lit a fire, drank hot cocoa, and watched Home Alone. Brian pulled out his perfect boxed ornaments, and I pulled out mine. It was fabulous.

blurry, but the only one we had

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  1. brian took that first shot of you guys, didn't he? i like it, it's like we get a view of the world from a taller perspective. :) i hope we get to see you guys sometime soon!