Happy Birthday Mom!

This year I get to spend my mom's birthday WITH her! We're down in Florida for a few day. I love my mom and am so thankful for her. The thing I love about her the most is her spontaneity. Whether it's waking Nat and I up at 2am to go shopping in the middle of the night on Black Friday because she was so excited and couldn't wait until 6am, or taking a random trip to Baltimore when I lived outside of DC just because we had never been... We don't need a plan to have a good time. We just need to be together. I love you, Mom! Happy Birthday!!!


  1. Sooo sweet! I love your mom too, and of course you too Allison!

  2. Aww, I just read this entry and my eyes are filled with tears (in a good way). Thanks for your sweet words and for making my b-day extra special by being with me in Florida. I think it's funny that you picked up on that quality - Nat and I were just talking about it today (maybe she had already read this and that's why). Anyway, I hope I never stop being spontaneous and as I get older, I'm sure I'll be spontaneous in ways I wish I wasn't! :)
    I love you so very much!