we have a niece!!

I still can't believe it. Everyone was certain Joy Lynne and Chris were going to have another boy! They didn't find out the gender this time around, and the surprise was SO MUCH FUN. I screamed and dropped my phone in the kitchen when I read Chris's text, "SHE'S here! Madeleine Elaine Ann!"

She was born around 10:10 last Tuesday night, April 2nd which also happens to be Joy Lynne's birthday! How fun to share a birthday with your daughter! 
Brian and I were ready to jump in the car and go to the hospital as soon as she was born, but hospital regulations didn't allow for visitors until two hours after delivery. So I talked Brian into both of us stopping at the hospital to meet little Madeline before work on Wednesday morning. We arrived with coffee and bagels for Joy Lynne and Chris, and got to meet our sweet little niece!
I was fifteen minutes late to work that morning, but I didn't care. I was on a little "baby high." :) 
Bring on the ruffles and bows and dolls and all things girly! Hooray for baby girls! It's just so exciting! 

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