Hamilton Lakes Girls Weekend 2013!

For our third annual Hamilton Lakes Girls Weekend, we all went to Carrie's house in Charlotte! She greeted us with a yummy lunch and the most adorable place cards. :) With this group, there's no telling what will happen. We all talk at once and jump around from topic to topic about the most random things until we're laughing to tears. I don't take these friends for granted. It's rare to have friendships that are 24 years strong.
Reagan got to join us again this year! She had changed so much in a year. She's so grown up!
Last year, she wasn't as mobile, so it was easier to take pictures of her, but this year she was on the go!

We spent the afternoon at a park in Uptown. Reagan got to run around.

 My little etsy shop model with her fall leaves onesie. We're going to need to switch to tee shirts soon!
We stayed in and cooked dinner at Carrie's which was so nice and laid back. As you can see, we got lots of laughs in!

On Sunday morning, we woke up slowly, drank coffee, and went to Toast for brunch. It was so yummy! 

I love these weekends so much and look forward to them every year!

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