pregnancy: weeks 22-24

Weeks 22-24 were pretty good... Baby Parker continues to grow! I was still running during these weeks, but it definitely started getting harder. Any time I felt weird pain, I'd stop. Mostly, I'd feel pressure on my bladder which wasn't very comfortable. The only reason why I was still running was because of running club, but that is finally over! I'm still enjoying the higher level of energy! The highlight of these weeks was feeling the baby kick for the first time! I felt the first kicks from the outside while I was in Charlotte. I had been feeling movement internally, but it's so fun to finally feel real kicks. 

Week 22
 Week 23
 Week 24
I've been working on the baby's room more, trying to finish little projects as I find the time. I made these felt animals for a mobile one rainy Saturday. I found a mobile on etsy that I loved, but it was $88 for three animals, so I decided to make my own!
Toby continues to love this spot by the crib. The fact that there are stuffed animals in it might have something to do with it.
I stopped at the Pottery Barn Outlet on my way home from Charlotte and found these two cabinets. They were the perfect dimensions for the space under the window in the nursery. Even though they weren't matching, I bought them because they were a great price.
When I got home, I painted the inside of the cabinets with gray chalk paint. I think they turned out great! The paint was still wet in this picture which is why it's blotchy.

I love that these cabinets close so it won't look so messy when we fill them with baby things!
I also got this little hedgehog sippy cup because it was just too cute not to buy. :)
I also ordered a few prints from etsy and have a little collage wall finished above the crib, but I'm not ready for that reveal yet. We think we know the name, but we're not ready to make an "official" announcement. Naming a human is a big deal! 


  1. Yes, naming a baby is a big deal! Loved seeing his room and all your sweet touches to the details that make it so special! And I loved seeing for myself how much he has grown since I saw you last!

  2. Love the cabinets and the hedgehog cup! What fun! You look fantastic! From pictures it looks like "pregnancy" agrees with you!