LA: day 3

The weather forecast for Sunday looked much more promising than it did on Saturday. We decided to drive up the Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu, (and any other stop that looked interesting) and up to Santa Barbara. We had heard that this town was one not to be missed. 
My little back seat buddy sticking his head out of the window.. makes me miss Toby!
 A breathtaking drive.
The wind was extremely strong which meant the waves were enormous! They got up to 15 feet.
We drove to a dog friendly beach north of Malibu with the intentions of letting Walter play in the sand while we had a picnic.
The wind was not our friend. Gusts got up to 50-70 mph. Once we hiked down to the water, we tried to set up our picnic, but the wind was just too strong. Mom and I left to walk to the restrooms and came back to Dad collecting the entire roll of paper towels that had blown away. That was the breaking point. We decided to eat in a sunny grassy area near our car instead. 
 But first I had to play with Walter in the sand. :)

     We continued up the coast to Santa Barbara. The views were incredible!
Somehow, we ended up in Oxnard.. It wasn't a very pretty part of town, but we were able to make a Starbucks run. Walter loves coffee. He also loves his new little backpack! How cute!

Here we are in Santa Barbara. It was a lovely town.. A bit more touristy than we had expected, but beautiful. We decided to walk from the coast to downtown. With lots of window shopping along the way, we made it to the Courthouse and got to go up in the tower. Beautiful views from the top!

Me and Dad from the top of the courthouse tower. Mom waited at the bottom with Walter.
 Then we headed back to the shore in search for a place for dinner!  
 I love the shadows on the mountains.
 Mom and Dad on the pier.

After searching for a restaurant on the pier, we stumbled upon Fish House across the street from the ocean. Fresh fish, a glass of wine, beautiful scenery... a wonderful ending to a fabulous day. 

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