a weekend at the beach

We spent this past weekend at the beach! In two weeks we have traveled from the west coast to the east coast! It was a fabulous weekend with wonderful friends. We had not seen Josh and Emily since they got engaged in January, so we had to have a little celebration... with cake, of course!
I was pretty excited about how this little flag cake topper turned out. :) 
After a little catching up at the house, and listening to Brian's "beach trip 2012" mix CD, we went straight to the beach to enjoy the beautiful weather! I'm in my happy place!!
Jeff was quite sad that no one else would get in the freezing cold ocean. :(
We opted to enjoy the warm sun instead.
Jeff blended in with the sofa. 
We wanted to ride all together in one car, so we opted for a beach chair in the trunk as the 6th seat.  Brian drove very carefully. 
 Dinner at Flying Fish Market.

 The newlyweds, the married couple...
 and the newly engaged!
We had another pretty beach day on Saturday until around 4 when the rain started... We grabbed our stuff and ran to the covered pool area to wait it out. We hung out a little more in the pool and hot tub, and then called it a day.
 After dinner we headed to Broadway at the Beach to walk around and enjoy the night! 


  1. Looks like a fun time! Love your bathing suit! Where did you get it?

    1. i got it at target recently.. the bottom is solid navy. they have other colors too!