a shower of love

This weekend was a celebration of life. Fourteen ladies gathered to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Michelle's baby girl, Reagan! We also celebrated life on the other end... Dorothy's mom, known to her girls and me as "Gigi," is in her final stage of life. I had a chance to spend a little time in the room with Gigi, her daughters, and granddaughters. It was such a sweet time to watch her loved ones hold her hand and say goodbye, comforted by the fact that she will be in heaven soon.

We had been planning Michelle's shower for months. I love LOVE making party decorations, trying out new cupcake recipes, and making things look pretty. Since I work full time and have a second part time job, my evenings are limited. I started making decorations in January! I had a vision centered around the colors in the table runner. I have had this fabric for almost a year, but hadn't used it. The colors were perfect for a girl baby shower! 
Pinterest inspired so many of these ideas. I guess you could say the theme of this shower was pom poms. How cute are these cupcake toppers? All you need is a 2" punch, tissue paper, double stick tape, and lolly pop sticks. Easy, inexpensive, and adorable! 

Meet the "shower room." My wedding shower four springs ago christened this space, and it seems we've had a shower every spring since. It's the perfect space with beautiful lighting. Even on cloudy days.
I pinned a ton of fabric strips banners. They're so fun! Super easy to make, too. 
Finding these straws when I was in Santa Monica was the most exciting thing ever. I had been looking for them and was going to have to order them online, but I found them at Francesca's! $6 for 144 straws. They were the perfect touch to the strawberry lemonade in mason jars. 
I made these coffee filter flower wreaths back in March with the intent of Michelle taking one home for her house. Becca made a yarn wrapped "R" which was the perfect touch! Michelle has it hanging on the wall in Reagan's nursery. :) 
Carrie had the idea for everyone to write messages on diapers which was a lot of fun. Some of them were pretty funny.

The beautiful mommy-to-be!
She gave us these lovely bottles of wine wrapped in burlap with a little note from Reagan! 
Which we cradled like a baby...
Michelle is a fabulous gift opener. So many cute and girly things!
A group shot. The camera was on stacked cake stands.. We had a little scare with it almost falling mid-picture. This one is perfect.

Michelle and Mumsie!

All of the hostesses with the guest of honor.. And Petals who made her way into the picture!

It was a beautiful weekend. Baby Reagan is already loved by many, and we can't wait to meet her in June!


  1. I think you should go into the party planning business! Everything looks so beautiful!

  2. Wow, you made my house look so wonderful! I just love what you did to make Mardo so festive for the new crop of showers! Whose will be next?!