LA; day 6

On Wednesday morning we woke up to this glorious view.
The hotel provided complimentary bike rentals, so we snatched up a couple of beach cruisers (they had cute little baskets!) and headed to find coffee and breakfast. It was a beautiful ride!
Brian was flying in around 12:30, so after breakfast we said goodbye to The Saguaro and Palm Springs to get back to LA. It was a fun little trip- I hope to go back one day for another visit!
On our way out of town we stopped at one of the casinos! This was a first for both of us. We played a few round on the slot machines.. Neither of us knew what we were doing.
Look at what we won! Mom was the big winner with the $8 ticket.. my highest was $1.01. All in all we won $10.60 and spent $8.. at least we didn't lose any money! :) Now we can say we've done it.
When we got back to Marina Del Rey, Brian was there! He will be here for the remainder of this trip.. Both of us will fly back to Atlanta on Sunday, but we have lots of fun things planned for while he is here! Walter was so happy to see him!
We spent the rest of the day relaxing at the pool, playing tennis, and grilling out dinner. I love this dog lounging on the chair! 

 Mom and Brian have a little tennis match going on...  
 Walter and I came out to watch. Dogs aren't allowed on the courts, but I brought him anyways.. How could you turn down this adorable face? He was a good little helper collecting the balls!

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