LA: day 7

On Thursday we woke up and went for a morning hike at Will Rogers Park. The weather was perfect, and it was nice to start the day outdoors. 
 The view from the top- You can see downtown Santa Monica and LA in the distance.

Walter liked riding in the convertible with the top down!

Then we drove through Hollywood on our way to Burbank for the Conan show!!
 This was SO FUN! Definitely favorite things I've done since I've been here... The guests were Aziz Ansari from "Parks & Recreation" and Christina Hendricks from "Mad Men", and the band was Good Old War. It was so cool to be there. Conan did a little "after the show" song and walked up the isle where we were sitting. So fun!
 What is it with us and flat tires? This is the second major city Brian has changed a tire in... Chicago and now Los Angeles. On our way back after the show, we heard a huge pop, so we pulled over, and it was completely flat. Brian knew what to do.. He's had lots of practice.
While Brian changed the flat, Mom had a little picnic!
 we drove through Beverly Hills...
 And Rodeo Drive!
 Then we made it to Thyme for dinner right before they closed. The food was wonderful and the service was amazing! Everyone who worked there was so happy! I didn't want to leave!

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