pregnancy: weeks 31-33

I've been on Christmas break for two weeks which I'm so thankful for. It's nice to have a little break and let my body rest a bit. I'm feeling quite large and a little uncomfortable. The baby is extremely active though, which is so fun! The other night, I was resting my book on my belly and it was bouncing around. It's so fun to not only feel him move, but watch him move too! My biggest complaint is still lower back pain which moves to my mid back at times. I also have started to have sleepless nights. I have been waking up at 3 or 4 am uncomfortable and wide awake. I usually go to the baby's room, sit in the glider, and read. Brian has been so sweet- always waking up with me, getting me water, and making sure I'm comfortable. I guess this is preparing us for a newborn's schedule?  I'm thankful for being pregnant in the winter. I'm always hot. Our heat doesn't go above 64 degrees much to Brian's dismay. Poor guy is always bundled up and his hands are ice cold! The baby also gets the hicups now! It makes me smile every time. I have to say- 

At my last appointment, the midwife said the baby is head down with his bottom up near my right rib cage. This explains the pain in feel in my right ribs. He really likes this spot! When the midwife was listening to the heartbeat, she pushed on my stomach, and the baby's heart rate increased. She said this is the sign of a very healthy baby. :)

Now to the belly shots! As you can see, I pretty much live in big sweaters, leggings, and uggs. I'm going to be sad when I have to wear real pants again next week at work... 

31 weeks
 32 weeks
 33 weeks
Even though this last trimester is not my favorite, I'm getting more and more excited to meet our little guy in just a few weeks! I'm also excited about my baby shower in Greensboro in a couple weeks! Lots to look forward to, lots to still prepare and figure out, but I'm sure it will all work out.


  1. Enjoy these last WEEKS with just Brian, Toby, and you. It will never be the same!

  2. I agree with what your mom said!! But I also know EXACTLY how you feel. Can't wait to see you and Baby P next weekend!!!