pregnancy: weeks 34-36!

This pregnancy continues to fly by. I definitely feel like I'm in the later stages, and as my body gets more and more uncomfortable, I get more and more excited to meet this baby! At my 35 week appointment, the midwife said he was going to be a big baby. She estimated that he was already 6-6.5 lbs. Yikes! He is positioned head down though, which is exciting. I've been having more braxton hicks contractions in the evenings and when I exercise. And lately, I've had increased blood pressure and swelling. Not my favorite. I'm keeping an eye on my blood pressure (which prior to week 36 has always been on the low side), hoping it stays where it should. It's weird to think that I only have 3 doctor's appointments left scheduled for the remaining 3 weeks. The longest they'll let me go before inducing is February 22nd (Toby's birthday!), so by then, we should have a baby! 

34 weeks - dresses are way more comfy than pants these days!
 35 weeks
 36 weeks
Here's a shot of the rug we got for the baby's room. We weren't going to replace the old one, but after Toby got really sick one night, we decided the old one was done. I love the pattern of this new one! I plan on posting pictures of the entire nursery with his name hanging on the wall after he's born. Just a few more weeks!

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  1. You look so cute!! I love that dress you have on in the middle picture. :) Can't wait to meet him sooooon!