birthday weekend!

This past weekend my parents and Walter came up for a visit! They are moving to Los Angeles for 15 months in January, so we were thankful for a nice relaxing weekend together in Atlanta. On Saturday, my dad and Brian shopped for cars while my mom and I enjoyed a "treat yourself day." Apparently there's an episode of Parks & Rec where they do this? My mom's been talking about it ever since she saw the episode. We got our nails done, went out for lunch and did some shopping. It was lovely. Later that night, all of us went out to dinner at Bistro Niko

We then returned home for chocolate mint cake that my mom made. YUM!

We were entertained by Toby and Walter who played the entire two days together.. Here's Walter after just waking up from a nap. He's getting so big!

One of the rare moments of rest for both dogs.. You can see that Toby didn't want Walter to get too far away from him. :) 

I got the dogs antlers in the spirit of Christmas. Toby looks so goofy here.

Walter wasn't too pleased with them.. Maybe we'll try again at Christmas. 

Monday morning came, and it was back to reality. Thanks for coming Mom and Dad! It was so fun having you here! 


  1. What fun! I'm so glad you had a great time! I miss you all.

  2. Oh! The picture of the two dogs sleeping and Toby with his hand on Walter almost made me cry. He's just too sweet!

  3. It was so much fun being with you & Brian and your wonderful dog, Toby!

  4. And now that you created a google acct for me- I can post comments to your blog! Thanks for having us and helping me with all my tech questions!