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So like everyone else in the world, I have been completely obsessed with pinterest for the past several months. (Where was it when I was planning my wedding??) I love pinning crafty things and decorating ideas. We have this big wall in our living room that I have been wanting to turn into a collage wall. I slowly started collecting empty frames and antique platters.. I didn't really have a plan, but I wanted it to feel unsymmetrical but balanced. I really like the way it turned out! I'm sure I'll be changing things, but for now, it works. 

I'm planning on painting the TV stand.. My father-in-law made it years ago along with our coffee table (which I painted). He hates both pieces and threatens to chop them up for fire wood every time he visits. 

I'm also obsessed with the chevron print. If I could have it in every room, I would. I ordered some fabric and sewed these pillows. They're usually the floor because Toby sleeps in these chairs, and the pillows make it too crowded for him. :) 

See? Too crowded.. The pillow was on the floor seconds later.

 I got these  books for my birthday and Christmas. So lovely and full of decorating inspiration.

I took these pics with our new SLR camera that we got from Brian's parents for Christmas. LOVE it.

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