One of the greatest things about living in Atlanta is that everyone has a connection to this city. I am thankful that my sweet friend Emily is from Marrietta, so every Christmas she visits her mom who still lives there! This means that I get to see her! We met at Cafe Intermezzo for dinner and dessert. Yes, dessert. Even after all of the holiday sweets, we had to indulge in a slice of cake. Don't go here unless you want dessert. It's amazing. I should have taken a picture of the dessert bar. Thanks for making time to hang out, Emily! 

Last night, Brian and I drove up to Greenville to have dinner with the Days! They were in town visiting Andrew's parents. It was SO good to see them and just what we all needed! We ate at Chicora Alley.. Carrie and I branched out from our usual fish tacos and got the shrimp tacos... it was the goat cheese that did it. Add goat cheese to anything and it tastes better. 

Carrie and Andrew! They're first married Christmas!

The city was still all lit up for Christmas. So festive. 

They boys and their chucks...

After dinner, we grabbed some coffee and walked around the town... Brian and I had never been to Greenville. It's so cute! We'll have to come back again during the day. 



  1. Love the post, and love the picture of me & Andrew. We were trying to be SO still for the picture!!! :)
    What a cozy & fun night! Thanks for making the drive! :)

  2. it was a cozy night! thanks again for dinner! very unexpected and sweet of you guys!!